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Welcome to Achilles Vaccines

About The Company

Who We Are

AchilleS Vaccines is a dynamic, for-profit organization that aims to attract excellent minds. The company is based in Siena (Italy), a world-renowned vaccine hub.  The founders of AchilleS Vaccines and the core team have decades of experience in the world of vaccines ranging from preclinical research to international vaccine business development, thus allowing optimal exploitation of our cutting-edge technological platforms.

We are committed to designing new and cost-effective products to tackle some of the largest current world health issues, including antibiotic resistance, emerging diseases and pandemics.

Passion and Tradition

Vaccines are a tradition in infection prevention. Disruptive ideas, passionate experts and powerful new technologies will enable AchilleS to create new generation vaccines and bio-molecules to prevent and treat infections and help solve the emerging threat of antimicrobial resistance.


Our vision

Human communities without unbeatable infectious diseases


Our mission

Develop safe, sustainable, universal vaccines & antibodies against infections




Foundation of AchilleS Vaccines

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May 2020

Innovation agreements

AchilleS Vaccines becomes one of the 30 innovation agreements signed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development

June 2020

EU Malaria Fund

The European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Commission and Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) announce the first closing of their EU Malaria Fund.

July 2020


The industrial development of mAbCo19 (monoclonal antibody against COVID-19) begins.

September 2020


AchilleS Vaccines awarded the funding call promoted by ARTES 4.0 with the SHASI Project – Siena Hub Against Salmonella Infections

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January 2021


End of the industrial development of promising treatment against SARS-CoV-2

September 2021

EU Malaria Fund

The EU Malaria Fund supported the development of AchilleS’ projects with additional €3.4 million (totalling €14.3 million funding)

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Financial Partners

Our logo tells our story

We believe that vaccines must be more intelligently designed to target diseases, with the goal of preventing and/or eradicating them from the human body. They must be smarter, more precise, and cleaner. In the early 1930’s a visionary vaccine company founded by Achille Sclavo, a gifted Sienese scientist, launched an elegant and evocative logo that we have proudly restyled with renewed enthusiasm. ‘CONTRARIA’ logo (‘contraria’ means ‘antagonist’ in Latin) is a quintessential epitome of a vaccine action. The ‘good’ arrow that breaks the ‘evil’ one (same but opposite) centered in a clean circle is a visual representation that perfectly represents our science. In the old logo the ‘good’ arrow was shot from the symbol for water (which was meant to symbolize liquid fluid i.e. sera). In our redesigned logo, the ‘good’ arrow originates from a DNA helix, visually depicting our ultimate credo: New Tradition in Biotechnology.

1938 Original Contraria Logo
1940/50 Contraria Logo application
2019 Contraria Logo redesigned