AchilleS Vaccines microscope
Lab 4.0

Embracing the current paradigms of Industry 4.0, AchilleS Vaccines is building a revolutionary and innovative Biotech Laboratory 4.0 with the ambitious aim of improving R&D capacity in real time while maintaining the advantages of an experimental data generation chain. By leveraging smart systems and equipment, we can create intelligent processes that interact with and influence each other while still possessing human oversight by our team within all phases of the product’s value chain.

By taking advantage of the principles of the Internet of Things (IoT) through our sophisticated data curation and real-time analysis of generated data, we are creating the unprecedented ability to use and integrate all of the information produced during the experimental research phases.

This framework enables us to multiply our capacity to determine, evaluate, and ultimately fully control all the critical parameters of the processes and products under development. Exploiting Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are able to extract information that is not only useful for better controlling the experimental phase, but also allows us to manage our data proactively, thus optimizing time and resources. Most crucial is that our data management practices will help ensure the quality of both the processes and the products to a level not currently achievable using the conventional methodologies.