Achilles Vaccines- Siena

AchilleS Vaccines is a dynamic, for-profit organization created to become home to some of today’s best minds in the vaccine industry. Based in Siena, a world-renowned vaccine hub, AchilleS Vaccines was born from the decades of experience in the world of vaccines brought by its founders and core team. The vast and multidisciplinary knowledge that the team possesses ranges from preclinical research to international vaccine business development, and allows maximum exploitation of our cutting-edge technological platforms. We are committed to designing new products that tackle some of the largest current world health issues, including phenomena such as antibiotic resistance, emerging diseases, pandemics, and cancer, all with the aim of producing safe and potent vaccines cheaply and efficiently.

AchilleS- Who We Are


Riccardo Baccheschi

Molecular biologist with an innate interest in proteins, involved and committed to the vaccine world since 1992. Commercial and BD & L executive in Chiron Corp., a pioneer in modern vaccinology, he helped developing vaccine culture and related business activities in 3 continents, promoting international alliances and transfer technology deals between State owned biological institutes and vaccine manufacturers and personally and significantly contributing to 2 epochal events in the history of vaccines: the eradication of the OPV in India and the launch of the first ever Men B vaccine. Founder of Bionet Asia and Valliance, two international vaccine companies both with nearly 20 years of history and successes. 



Group CEO’s level of responsibility achievements track-record, advanced skills in conducting top level business negotiations, contractual definition and finalisation. Board member of several Companies. Founder of several new ventures, including Valliance, Glovax-GLIMSA, LPQ Advisory, IOBA and now AchilleS Vaccines. Counts on 20+ years’ experience in International Sales, Business Development and Commercial Operations, General Management, focused on Bio-Pharmaceutical, Drug Delivery and Healthcare. Brings an intensive experience and valuable broad view from R&D to business realization (market analysis, strategy definition, negotiation process, deal making, operational phases). Directly involved in leading Institutional Relations and professional lobbying activities, both at Ministerial and International Organisation level, establishing effective dialogue with several countries Ministries of Health top Managers as well as with Inter-Governmental Institutions Headquarters such as the Pan American Health Organization, WHO, JICA. Executive MBA at IMD Lausanne. Graduated in November 2014


Aldo Tagliabue

An immunologist that has been involved in building several R&D initiatives for vaccines and biotech drugs. In the 80’ the Sclavo Research Center in Siena (I), in the 90’ Dompè Research Center in L’Aquila (I) and in the first decade of 2000 the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul (ROK) and Novartis Institute for Global Health in Siena. In parallel he created the consulting company ALTA that for two decades has successfully supported public and private institutions to obtain large EU grants.


Antonio Lanzavecchia

Prof. A. Lanzavecchia is an immunologist known for his work on antigen presentation, T cell activation, immunological memory and human monoclonal antibodies. Born in Italy, Lanzavecchia obtained a medical degree from the University of Pavia, where he specialized in paediatrics and in infectious diseases. He worked at the Basel Institute for Immunology and, since 2000, is the founding Director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Bellinzona, Switzerland. From 2009 to 2016 has been professor of human immunology at the Federal Institute of Technology and since 2017 is Professor at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI). Lanzavecchai received the EMBO Gold Medal and the Cloetta Prize and is member of the EMBO, of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and of the US National Academy of Sciences. In 2017, he received the Robert Koch Prize and the Sanofi-Institut Pasteur Award and, in 2018, the Louis-Jantet Prize for Medicine.



Pietro Mastroeni is a world-leading scientist, based at the University of Cambridge, UK. He is an expert in the pathogenesis and immunity of bacterial infections. Pietro’s work has established landmarks in our understanding of host pathogen interactions and has seeded the field of bacterial immunology, opening avenues towards a better understanding of infections of man and domestic animals. His research is multidisciplinary and spans across scales, from the study of biological phenomena in individual cells to the high complexity level of whole mammalian organisms. Pietro has laid conceptual foundations for vaccine development and medical treatment with significant and broad impact. Pietro collaborates with Achilles Vaccines on the development of bacterial vaccines.


Ilaria Russo

A scientist working in the field of malaria, a disease responsible for hundreds of thousand deaths per year. Her research aims to tackle these urgent unmet medical needs affecting a third of the world population. Over 10 years of her works she has provided and is providing novel understanding of the parasite cell biology and pathology. Worldwide she is known to successfully face highly challenging projects with resulting cutting-edge discoveries and breakthrough technological advancements in the field. Her skills and findings are now interconnecting with the high potential platform offered by the Achilles and its team.