Our logo

We believe that vaccines must be more intelligently designed to target diseases, with the goal of preventing and/or eradicating them from the human body. They must be smarter, more precise, and cleaner. In the early 1930’s a visionary vaccine company founded by Achille Sclavo, a gifted Sienese scientist, launched an elegant and evocative logo that we have proudly restyled with renewed enthusiasm.

 ‘CONTRARIA’ logo (‘contraria’ means ‘antagonist’ in Latin) is a quintessential epitome of a vaccine action. The ‘good’ arrow that breaks the ‘evil’ one (same but opposite) centered in a clean circle is a visual representation that perfectly represents our science. In the old logo the ‘good’ arrow was shot from the symbol for water (which was meant to symbolize liquid fluid i.e. sera). In our redesigned logo, the ‘good’ arrow originates from a DNA helix, visually depicting our ultimate credo: New Tradition in Biotechnology.

original contraria logo

1938 Original Contraria Logo

appliocation of old contraria logo

1940/50 Contraria Logo application

redesigned contraria logo

2019 Contraria Logo redesigned