mOMV platform
mOMV technology

During their growth phase gram negative bacteria naturally release small round vesicles (25-250 nm in diameter) that resemble the composition and orientation of the bacterial outer surface, which in actuality is the surface that is primarily exposed to the immune system. These non-replicative bodies have been conventionally termed outer membrane vesicles (OMVs). They contain excellent intrinsic immunostimulatory properties that are based on their composition. The vesicles consist of phospholipids, LPS, outer membrane proteins, and entrapped soluble periplasmic components.

When used as vaccines, OMVs have been shown to be safe and highly immunogenic at very low doses both in animal and human models, as they are intrinsically capable of engaging both innate and adaptive immunity. We took advantage of this natural process and of state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques to develop a versatile, cost-effective, and intelligent vaccine technology platform. This proprietary process enables us to produce with low manufacturing costs and high yield, self adjuvanting, highly immunogenic, and safe bacterial particles which can be decorated in a “fit for purpose” method with homologous or heterologous antigens.

Our modified OMV (mOMV) technology contains all the necessary characteristics of an ideal vaccine platform for both developed and developing countries. This is due to its swift and easy manufacture, affordability, and its ability to be safe while inducing broad and long-lasting protection.

mOMV at microscope
mOMV at microscope 2

Electron microscopy OMV

mOMV at microscope 3