Achilles Vaccines Values E Responsibility
Passion for science

We are united and constantly stimulated by natural forces such as the curiosity for the unexplored, the search for simplicity and effectiveness. We aspire to beauty even in scientific thought. We promote continuous contamination, firmly respecting the differences between us and our partners, in and outside our labs, as we firmly defend the right and duty to always ask even uncomfortable questions. We believe that “difference” (gender, age, culture, profession) is the “mother of learning”. We all focus on solving major global health problems, such as malaria and antibiotic resistance, leveraging on an exclusive and geographically concentrated know-how combined with worldwide best-in-class synergies, collaborations and joint ventures, with the shared goal of quickly producing, in any quantity, high quality vaccines at affordable prices. We cultivate rigorous science aware that the mystery persists. We, modern biotechnologists, remain attentive, curious, intrigued, debated. And moved.