Modified Outer Membrane Vesicles (mOMVs): a vaccine platform explained

There are many factors that affect and complicate the development of a new vaccine.  What Riccardo Baccheschi, CEO of AchilleS ...
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SAIHub, nasce il polo di innovazione senese di intelligenza artificiale

Firmato il 06 luglio 2020, nella sede della Fondazione Mps, l’accordo della rete di imprese nell’ambito del progetto del SAIHub ...

Il più grande finanziamento start-up del biotech italiano

AchilleS Vaccines, scale-up italiana incubata presso Toscana Life Sciences, si aggiudica il finanziamento di ben tre progetti di ricerca sulla ...
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The most significant seed financing in Italian biotech field goes to
AchilleS Vaccines:
the new EU Malaria Fund will support research on malaria and COVID-19

Based on the Reverse Vaccinology method, the strategy combines the vast knowledge gained in the vaccines over the years and the recently increased approach to more advanced digital technologies as data curation, machine learning, deep learning.

mOMV platform

A versatile technology platform that transforms bacteria, natural carriers of molecules harmful to human health, into an efficient delivery system of bio antigenic molecules to produce low-cost, safe and self-adjuvanting fit-for-purpose vaccines.

AchilleS Vaccines microscope

Vaccine development by design: a revolutionary way to accelerate, control and implement processes in realtime by creating intelligent networks of equipment and open data systems that govern each other.