Battling Malaria: a new European fund to fix a critical market failure

Lifesaving medical interventions are not getting developed despite scientific feasibility and significant donor funding available – novel public-private partnership aims to broaden product development pipeline

Passion for science
Achilles Vaccines Values E Responsibility

We are united and constantly stimulated by natural forces such as the curiosity for the unexplored, the search for simplicity and effectiveness. We aspire to beauty even in scientific thought. We promote continuous contamination, firmly respecting the differences between us and our partners, in and outside our labs, as we firmly defend the right and duty to always ask even uncomfortable questions. We believe that “difference” (gender, age, culture, profession) is the “mother of learning”. We all focus on solving major global health problems, such as malaria and antibiotic resistance, leveraging on an exclusive and geographically concentrated know-how combined with worldwide best-in-class synergies, collaborations and joint ventures, with the shared goal of quickly producing, in any quantity, high quality vaccines at affordable prices.  We cultivate rigorous science aware that the mystery persists.  We, modern biotechnologists, remain attentive, curious, intrigued, debated. And moved.

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passion and tradition

Vaccines are a tradition in infection prevention. Disruptive ideas, passionate experts and powerful new technologies will enable AchilleS to create new generation vaccines and bio-molecules to prevent and treat infections and help solve the emerging threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Based on the Reverse Vaccinology method, the strategy combines the vast knowledge gained in the vaccines over the years and the recently increased approach to more advanced digital technologies as data curation, machine learning, deep learning.

mOMV platform

A versatile technology platform that transforms bacteria, natural carriers of molecules harmful to human health, into an efficient delivery system of bio antigenic molecules to produce low-cost, safe and self-adjuvanting fit-for-purpose vaccines.

AchilleS Vaccines microscope

Vaccine development by design: a revolutionary way to accelerate, control and implement processes in realtime by creating intelligent networks of equipment and open data systems that govern each other.